Wilson Disease Mutation Database
University of Alberta


Darren Bugbee (2009-2014)
Lisa Davies (2008-2009)
Susan Kenney (2001-2008)
Dr. Diane W. Cox

We acknowledge the support of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. Initial support was provided by the University Hospital Foundation.

The Wilson Disease Mutation Database and its contents are Copyright © 2001-2009 University of Alberta. Contents of this database may not be transferred to another database or published without the written consent of one of the curators. The Wilson Disease Mutation Database is intended for research use only. The database is a compilation of research paper publications and individual submissions.

For cDNA, +1 is the A of ATG translation initation codon. Genbank reference sequence, NM_00053.

Please note the database now includes all predicted disease causing and predicted non-disease causing causing variants. These data are presented as a list of variants collected from individual references (either literature or direct submission). Each variant, and its subsequent characteristics (i.e. disease status), are a reiteration of conclusions from collected references.

Our database updates stopped in 2010

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Please direct all enquiries to Georgina Macintyre, thank you.

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